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Suboxone Description

Buprenorphine and naloxone are both ingredients in the opioid drug Suboxone. It also goes by the name "narcotics drug." This medication aids in the treatment of opioid use disorder, chronic pain, and acute pain. For quick shipping, you might need a prescription to purchase Suboxone online.

To prevent misuse by injection, pharmacists or health consultants frequently give this medication in tablet form. Usually, within an hour, it relieves pain, and the benefits might last up to 24 hours. You should only use this medicine under a doctor's supervision because of the severity of addiction and abuse.

The prescription contains Naloxone to counteract the effects of opioids, including the sensation of well-being that can lead to opioid dependence. This medication consumption and your efforts to protect yourself from any negative side effects. 

Important information about Suboxone

  • Suboxone may develop into a habit and has the power to slow or stop breathing. Misuse of this medication may lead to addiction, abuse, or other unfavorable side effects, particularly in children or people who use it without a prescription.
  • Suboxone use during pregnancy has been linked to developing potentially fatal withdrawal symptoms in focus. This medication can have catastrophic side effects when combined with alcohol or other substances that make you drowsy or cause shallow breathing.
  • Your dosage may change if you switch to another drug that contains buprenorphine; in this instance, you should speak with your doctor. Please avoid stopping Suboxone abruptly if you don't want to experience withdrawal symptoms. Please talk to your pharmacist if you want to know how to stop taking this medication safely.
  • Suboxone sublingual pills should never be broken or crushed to be inhaled or mixed with liquid or injected into a vein. Please keep the medication at room temperature in the foil pouch, away from heat and moisture. Suboxone is a medication of abuse, so you should be cautious if someone is abusing it or taking it without a prescription.


Dosage For Opioid addiction

During the induction phase, when opioid consumption is reduced or halted, Suboxone helps to lessen withdrawal symptoms. During the maintenance phase, Suboxone is sustained for a duration ranging from a few months to more than a year at a consistent dose.

Induction Dosage

Day 1: The health advisor can begin with a modest dose of Suboxone. This dosage might be 2 mg of Buprenorphine and 0.5 mg of Naloxone or 4 mg and 1 mg of buprenorphine. The maximum dose on day one is 8 mg of Buprenorphine and 2 mg of Naloxone.

Day 2: Your pharmacist may administer the same dosage as Day 1 plus 2 mg of Buprenorphine and 0.5 mg of Naloxone or 4 mg of Buprenorphine and 1 mg of Naloxone if your withdrawal symptoms do not improve. During induction, your Suboxone dosage may be increased to a daily maximum of 32 mg Buprenorphine and * mg Naloxone.

Side Effects

Suboxone does have some negative effects, unlike other medications. Your breathing could become erratic or cease entirely. Serious breathing issues may be more frequent in elderly people, the disabled, those with wasting syndrome, and people with long terms breathing abnormalities.

The following are some typical side effects of Suboxone:

  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness 
  • Hazy Vision
  • Feeling Drunk 
  • Pain in the tongue 
  • Lack of Concentration
  • Headache
  • Back Pain

Significant adverse effects of Suboxone may include:

  • Breathing issues; dizziness.
  • Liver issues; low cortisol levels
  • High amounts of serotonin in the body.

There may be other adverse effects: this is only a partial list of Suboxone's side effects. Please talk to your doctor or contact us if you want to avoid these effects.


  • While taking this medication, especially in the first 24-72 hours, your doctor must monitor your progress. This will enable your doctor to determine whether the medication is effective and whether you should keep taking it. The necessity for blood tests to check for side effects may arise. 
  • This drug has the potential to establish habits. Do not exceed the recommended dose if you feel the medication is not working either. Call your physician for advice.
  • Long-term opioid use might result in severe constipation. Your doctor can advise you to take laxatives, drink lots of water, or eat more fiber to prevent this. Because persistent constipation can result in more serious issues, follow the instructions carefully. 
  • While pregnant, taking this medication risks giving birth to a child who develops neonatal withdrawal syndrome. If your infant exhibits any unusual behaviors, including an irregular sleep pattern, diarrhea, a loud cry, irritability, trembling or shakiness, weight loss, vomiting, or a failure to gain weight, you should consult a doctor straight once.

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